What to Expect

Thank you for considering inviting me into your home to capture your everyday.

The love you will see when you view your photo story and film will be like no other.

I focus on all the little details that we flurry through on a regular day.

Details that will one day be a moment that you desperately want to look back on and cling to, as your children grow up.

I film and photograph at the same time during a session. I promise I will make you feel completely comfortable with my presence. Think of me as a friend coming to hang out.

I will remain mostly quiet throughout the session so you can carry on with your normal.

My films and photo stories are created with so. much. love.

Because of the time involved, I only take a limited number of films per year.

It will take up to six weeks to create your personal family film, but trust me when I say it will be well. worth. the. wait.